About podcast

«Ciomny Los» is a talk podcast in Belarusian, in which Belarusians talk about their occupations and reflect on Belarusianness. Each episode is a new profession or occupation: from scientists and programmers to musicians, comedians and even Tolkien fans!

The podcast is released biweekly on YouTube and all podcast platforms. You can request to be a guest on the podcast here 😊

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You can support the podcast by subscribing to Patreon.

Podcast patrons get access to my private Discord server and private Russian-language podcast «Beard News».

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You can also support «Ciomny Los» once with a money transfer from your card via Revolute and PayPal, or by direct transfer to my PayPal account.

More information you can find on «Support» page.


You can support the podcast through some cryptocurrencies and tokens: BTC, ETH, USDT and others.

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Branded merch

I also make cool merch that often appears in podcast episodes. You can buy it at my shop: hoodies, T-shirts, hats, mugs and stickers!

With each purchase you will support me by about $5, thank you very much! 😊

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