Support via Patreon

Through Patreon you can support any of Lex's projects: the «ITBeard» show and the «Dark Destiny» videocast.

In addition, you will get access to bonus episodes of the show «IT Beard», to the solocast about Lex's life «Beard News» and to the closed Discord-server «ITBeard's Sponsor». 😎

Support with cryptocurrencies

There is an opportunity for crypto-enthusiasts to support Lex's projects via cryptocurrencies. Your support directly affects the development of the «ITBeard» show and the «Dark Destiny» videocast, so thank you very much!

  • BTC: bc1qvr9areesmfukpphe2es2q339p42yyr7pph73ty
  • ETH: 0xedd9B89632c3d0F774a1204fC8F2B9378dC17beB
  • USDT (ERC-20): 0xedd9B89632c3d0F774a1204fC8F2B9378dC17beB
  • USDT (TRC-20): TUXAXsM2EEwj6Yu4ragkYDS3riwiSQMEuL
  • SOL: 2ZK7hJ8pQ5NXb2ezRtdKWXSAvHLZDMpPKJe5xw5Ak76Y
  • DOT: 13bYtwi73W4Z2rJoyWxdMiaVQrq1S3PkhzzsGrNzfdHcSFoQ
  • NEAR: cfe98a5294eb92a6affba80b8265d00c2f09a6a169a8a9da7712ed6e6b951e71
  • XTZ: tz1Ppo34Z8TfBSo6bhFZ6qSwTGU3L3FqXJJr
  • LTC: ltc1qj8e0jrxc3wx7pfmjfyyjkg8hf2ajs9ecp5wwr2

YouTube Sponsorship

YouTube sponsorships are special opportunity to support the «ITBeard» show and gain access to sponsorship bonuses and additional content.

A sponsored YouTube subscription offers more than 40 additional episodes totaling 1,500+ minutes in length. Also, you'll be able to watch new interviews a few days earlier and completely ad-free, even without integrations 😊

Full list of sponsor bonuses:

How do I become a sponsor on YouTube?

Just go to the YouTube channel «ITBeard» and find the «Sponsor» button, or follow .

Next, select the desired subscription level with its bonuses and click «Sponsor» again.

After that you will be prompted to enter your credit card data and complete the procedure of becoming a channel sponsor 😊

Now all you have to do is link your discord account to your youtube account and enter the private sponsor chat - that's where we'll meet 😎

If you still have questions, here are some more instructions:

Subscribe to Apple Podcasts

The «ITBeard» show can be supported through Apple Podcasts . More than 25 exclusive episodes totaling 800+ minutes are available to subscribers on this platform, regular ad-free interviews and all episodes of the «Beard News» solocast 😎

Video on how to support the ITBeard show

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