Support via Patreon

Through Patreon you can support any of my projects: the show "ITBeard", podcast "Ciomny Los", mastodon-server "VKL", etc.

In addition, you will get access to bonus episodes of the show «IT Beard», to the solocast about my life «Beard News» and to the private Discord server «ITBeard's Sponsor». 😎

Branded merch

In life and in videos I appear in unusual things with funny inscriptions. You can buy the same in my shop: hoodies, T-shirts, hats, mugs and stickers!

With each purchase you will support me by about $5, thank you very much! 😊


With PayPal you can support me with a bank card transfer. Each such transfer adds +100 to my motivation to make new content!

Support with cryptocurrencies

There is an opportunity for crypto-enthusiasts to support Lex's projects via cryptocurrencies. Your support directly affects the development of the «ITBeard» show and the «Dark Destiny» videocast, so thank you very much!

  • BTC: bc1qvr9areesmfukpphe2es2q339p42yyr7pph73ty
  • ETH: 0xedd9B89632c3d0F774a1204fC8F2B9378dC17beB
  • USDT (ERC-20, BEP-20): 0xedd9B89632c3d0F774a1204fC8F2B9378dC17beB
  • USDT (TRC-20): TUXAXsM2EEwj6Yu4ragkYDS3riwiSQMEuL
  • SOL: 2ZK7hJ8pQ5NXb2ezRtdKWXSAvHLZDMpPKJe5xw5Ak76Y
  • DOT: 13bYtwi73W4Z2rJoyWxdMiaVQrq1S3PkhzzsGrNzfdHcSFoQ
  • NEAR: cfe98a5294eb92a6affba80b8265d00c2f09a6a169a8a9da7712ed6e6b951e71
  • XTZ: tz1Ppo34Z8TfBSo6bhFZ6qSwTGU3L3FqXJJr
  • LTC: ltc1qj8e0jrxc3wx7pfmjfyyjkg8hf2ajs9ecp5wwr2

Video on how to support me

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