About show

The show "ITBeard" is about the life of IT people from the inside and with its episodes tells about programming languages, popular technologies, professions, famous representatives of the sphere and their way of development.

Without any censorship, labels or extra pathos.

What is ITBeard about?


One of the main tasks of the show is to cover all existing programming languages. And it's pretty good at it, most of the languages are already represented on the channel!

Listen to the description of your favorite languages and expand your skills 😉


Together with our guests we understand the intricacies of their professions and learn about the necessary skills to enter them.

Each guest from «Professions» videos is a professional in his or her field who will guide you along the right path!

IT Rock Stars

The main format of the show is interviews with active people from the IT world. They are the real Rock Stars who move our industry forward!

In the show you will meet developers, testers, designers, managers and even scientists! Enjoy watching 😊

How to support the show?

Easy! The easiest ways are to become a sponsor on YouTubeor subscribe on Patreon or subscribe on Apple Podcasts. Sponsors, patrons and Apple subscribers get access to sponsorship bonuses and extra content, which is nice 😊

You can also support the show through SuperThanks, PayPal, Revolute, and cryptocurrency transfers. You can read more about these ways on the page «Support»

Bonuses for support

Discord chat

Discord server «Sponsors ITBeard» is a quiet place for conversatons of sponsors and patrons.

You can also contact me directly there, discuss episodes and projects, suggest a guest, and participate in the «Beard News».

Beard News

For those who support me, every month I record a podcast called «Beard News». In this podcast I talk about IT gossip, events in my life, new and old content, and upcoming plans.

Solocast is available to ITBeard sponsors and all patrons on Patreon.

And more

Commercial cooperation

You can find the channel's public statistics and types of commercial cooperation in the media kit (, ).

For more information about cooperation formats, detailed statistics and costs, please contact or ping me on Telegram .

Nonprofit collaboration

If you are an IT specialist with five or more years of experience in the industry, or you have an interesting topic for release that has not yet been covered on the channel, send me an email or ping me on Telegram , we'll discuss all the details 😉

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